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Jessica Jones Poster Design

After watching the new series of Jessica Jones, I felt inspired and decided to design a poster based upon the show. First I took the time to look at various references of Marvel’s Jessica Jones and started the drawing process… After various sketches and restarts I finally got to the …

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Happy Mothers Day

Mothering Sunday It’s that time of year again when we let our Mum’s know just how much we love them, and how grateful we are they are around. Without my Mum I would be lost, and this it just a little piece that was inspired by my Mum.  If you …

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Gold Melting Skin Effect [Photoshop]

Gold Melting Skin Effect Easy to follow photoshop tutorial.   I’ve recently had a client ask to have his skin turned to melting metallic gold, so I thought I would write a tutorial on this, to help other designers out there.  Even photoshop enthusiasts. 1. Your starting image, should be …

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