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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some questions I get asked a lot, so you mind find some answers to your questions here.

How long have you been designing?
I first discovered my love for design back in 2003. Since then I have been learning new skills, gaining experience and making my mark on the design industry.

Do you do stuff for free?
If you are a charity organisation and one I believe in, then this may be an offer.

Do you do print design aswell as online?
Yes. I offer both.

What is your average turnaround time on a cd cover?
Average is 24-48hours, unless a cartoon cover.

Do I need to pay upfront?
Yes my time must be paid for.

Have you worked with anyone famous?
Yes.  You may spot a few in my portfolio.

Do you offer multiple purchase discount?
It depends on the project, but bulk buys will include a discount.

Do you offer the original PSD of a CD Cover, Flyer, Poster etc that you designed?
I do not, as this would be a way of me losing money.  If you wish at edit to the PSD within 2 weeks of completion – say for a date change, then SilkyGFX will edit it for free.  If it’s after the 2 weeks, then there will be a 15% charge (of what you paid originally).

How can I get my project started with you?
Go to my Contact page and I will response within 24 hours.