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Gold Melting Skin Effect [Photoshop]

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Gold Melting Skin Effect

Easy to follow photoshop tutorial.


I’ve recently had a client ask to have his skin turned to melting metallic gold, so I thought I would write a tutorial on this, to help other designers out there.  Even photoshop enthusiasts.

  • 1. Your starting image, should be one with skin visible.  For this tutorial I have used this image I have found on google search.

  • 2. Now you need to decide which part of the body you wish to turn to gold.  For me it was his right bicep that is lifting the dumbbell.  So with that decided, I used the pen tool (Ctrl+P) and clicked around the area I desired.

  • Then I made a selection (right click > make selection) at 0 pixel radius and pressed Ctrl+J to bring that selection to a new layer in the correct position and desaturated it Ctrl+Shift+U (Image>Adjustments>Desaturate)

  • Now you have the arm desaturated, you need to make a curves layer and clip it to the desaturated layer (Hold Alt and click in between Desaturated layer and the new curves layer).  Once done your layers should look like this.

  • In your curves layer make your settings as follows (for better effects add more waves – or just adjust as desired) until the skin goes all metal like.

  • Now it’s time to add the gold.  So add a gradient map layer and clip it to the curves layer and enter these settings.
  • Location: 0 Colour: #000000 | Location: 50 Colour: #987225 | Location: 75 Colour: ffe0a1 | Location: 100 Colour: ffffff
  • And now your grandiant map and image should look like this.

  • Now make a levels layer (if needed) – for me I added a a levels layer with these settings
  • 23 | 0.86 | 223
  • Now select all you new layers (Ctrl + Click each layer) except the original file and group them (Ctrl+G)
  • Now with that group selected, duplicate it (Ctrl+J) and then rasterize it (Ctrl+E) and hide the group.  Your layers should now look like this.

  • Now it’s time to make it melt/drip so goto Filter>Liquidfy and have some fun (I did go a bit crazy lol)

  • Now play around with it until you get something you like.  Have fun!


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