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Jessica Jones Poster Design

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After watching the new series of Jessica Jones, I felt inspired and decided to design a poster based upon the show.

First I took the time to look at various references of Marvel’s Jessica Jones and started the drawing process…

After various sketches and restarts I finally got to the stage of the line work which you can see below.

After that I decided to lay in the flat colours… these are the base colours of each section of the artwork.

After that I then shaded the flats using a 50% grey layer clipped to the flats, which was a method I had never used before but quite liked the result.

Then I painted in the background and added some effects and adjustment to bring the final result, which is below.

After that I decided to get the piece printed and I’ve never been happier to display this on my wall.

Below you can see the breakdown process in action.

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