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Sons Of Anarchy

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I’m a samcro fan

So recenly I’ve got highly addicted to Sons of Anarchy on netflix.  Being brought up around bikes with my Dad, this is the main reason I got into the series, but turns out the series isn’t really about bikes, but about a gang called Samcro (Sons of Anarchy Motorcyle Club Redwood Original – yeah don’t try saying that while your drunk haha!)

I don’t want to post any spoilers about it, but let’s just say its very much worth the watch.  So much so it has inspired me to 1. Do some lettering for it and 2. To design something in photoshop for it.

So I was randomly watching an episode and started doing my lettering. This is the result of that.

I made the title and added the characters around the edge of it.  Those who watch it some are missing (I know!).

then once the episode I watched finsihed I decided to load it up into illustrator and vector the lettering and then bring it into the photoshop to make this design.

So if any of you love the series and want to make it your phone background feel free too (although I  know it’s square resolution).

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